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About Aichi Dashi Matsuri Nippon Ichi Council

About Aichi Dashi Matsuri Nippon Ichi Council

Date of establishment

December 13th, 2015

The purpose of establishment

Aichi Prefecture is one of the greatest float festival areas in Japan. It is home to various unique floats with special karakuri puppets which were, in a way, a form of encouragement for Aichi's culture of manufacturing. Float festivals are one of the great traditional cultures of Aichi Prefecture. For the people who have long poured their strong spirit and mettle into holding the festivals, they are the source of energy, and a regional treasure. To show off these float festivals at their best and develop them further, it is essential for the whole area to unite and create a trend out of float festivals, as well as disseminate information on their attractiveness in and outside the prefecture. To achieve these aims and preserve and pass on the floats and float festivals for the future, this council has been established through the collaboration of various float preservation organizations and local municipalities at prefectural, city, town and village level.


The council has been established for all float festivals in Aichi Prefecture (festivals that involve floats, festival cars, and danjiri boats), to promote the preservation and passing on of float festivals through the collaborative effort of preservation organizations and the local municipalities, as well as to disseminate information on float culture within and outside the prefecture.